The thought of downsizing for a move can be scary and overwhelming. Many people choose not to move, simply because of the many possessions they currently have. However, with a few tips and a little help, downsizing can be easier than you ever imagined. Choosing not to move could mean missing out on an active, maintenance-free lifestyle at a retirement community like Kendal-Crosslands Communities in Kennett Square, Pa.

The work of moving is easily managed when broken down into smaller parts. This process is often known as rightsizing, a process that focuses on the positive gains you make during the downsizing process. When you downsize in order to move to Kendal-Crosslands, you’ll gain friendships, a beautiful new home, endless entertainment opportunities and an active life centered on wellness.

Start Small and Take Your Time

The earlier you start the rightsizing process, the more time you have to tackle every project. Carve out small portions of time each day or week that is dedicated to rightsizing, and take frequent breaks.

Start your rightsizing process with the little things by emptying out the spaces often overlooked. Moving clockwise through each room, begin sorting through storage spaces such as drawers, desks, cabinets and small hall closets. Many of these spaces will likely contain papers and documents, so be sure to collect any pieces containing sensitive information you wish to take to a shredder.

Then move on to slightly larger storage spaces, including bedroom closets, to sort through clothes, linens, trinkets and other items. Save the larger areas like attics, basements and garages for last.

Categorize and Simplify

Before you begin organizing larger items, such as furniture, establish a simple sorting system. Select several categories, including ‘keep,’ ‘sell,’ ‘donate,’ or ‘discard.’ Also check in with your children, grandchildren or other family members in case they wish to keep anything for themselves, creating a ‘gift’ category. Be sure to label each item clearly.

If you already have information on the size of your new home, take the time to determine exactly what furniture you will bring by measuring and laying it out in a paper model. Having a plan for your new space will be helpful in determining what to bring.

Ask for Help

If a task is too big to tackle on your own, there is plenty of assistance available to you. Consider hiring a senior move management service. This service can help you every step of the way, from selling your house, to organizing the move and helping you settle into your new home. They also typically work with representatives at retirement communities to ensure the smoothest move possible.

You’ll also have the help of a Kendal-Crosslands Move-in Coordinator, who will be ready to assist you during every step of your move. They’ll provide you with our Moving Resource Guide, and connect you with the right people and services—whether it’s move managers, downsizers, stagers, designers, movers, donation centers, or any other service, ultimately eliminating any roadblock you might encounter along the way. In addition, during 2018, Kendal-Crosslands will reimburse up to $5,000 on movers, move managers and home sale preparations!

During the rightsizing process, keep in mind the things you will gain by paring down. You’ll gain friendships, new wellness opportunities, delicious dinning, and so much more! Don’t let the work of a move prevent you from making the best decision for you and your retirement.

For more information on how Kendal-Crosslands can make your move easy, give us a call at 610-388-1441.