Kendal~Crosslands Communities celebrated Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day, Thursday, April 24, 2014.  Over 45 children ‘reported for duty” and participated in various programs on campus as well as work with their staff sponsor.  The theme for 2014 was “Plant a Seed, Grow a Future.”   “This is the 14th year Kendal has participated in the program.   It’s helpful for the children to see different careers, make friends, and have a very nice day with us”, says Juanett Goins, planning group member.

 The children, ages 9-14, observed meaningful work experiences.  They participated in courses associated with fitness and nutrition, learned about intergeneration relationships, decorated cakes with the professional dining staff, learned about gardening and decorated flower pots, toured the new person centered care residency, and had a free swim time in the indoor pool at the community.  And of course, worked by the side their employee/parent host.