At Kendal~Crosslands Communities Our Values Remain Strong

Yesterday, our nation and the world witnessed a historic assault on our democracy with a lawless spectacle on the U.S. Capitol Building.  It was a tragic end to what should have been a ceremonial electoral process but instead resulted in terrifying events that will undoubtedly leave a scar on humanity.  The range of emotions we all are experiencing is surreal, and you are not alone.

Campus photo

Unfortunately, people died, some were injured, others were shaken to their core, and many fearlessly upheld peace and order.  We hold them in our thoughts, and our hope is their light within will see them through the darkness.

holding hands

At Kendal~Crosslands Communities, we are grateful, united in community with one another. A time of calamity is not just a time of anxiety or worry. It is a time that allows us the opportunity to lean on each other in heartbreaking times, such as this, and have hope for our brighter futures.

We know America is not what we witnessed.  Democracy will prevail, love for humankind will win, and yesterday’s event will be pivotal for our nation to heal. We wish all our friends strength, peace, and comfort.