Kendal Crosslands Sun Fest“It’s a real pleasure to have access to everything,” says Dick LeMay, a resident at Kendal-Crosslands Communities. “We have access to the pools, the fitness center, classes, the weights and machines, right here on campus.”

Dick and his wife Joyce have been residents at Kendal-Crosslands for about 10 years. While they both take full advantage of the valuable wellness services and amenities available on the Kendal-Crosslands campus, they each have their own exercise goals and preferences. And, with the wide variety of wellness options, they can each exercise their favorite way.

“I prefer to exercise with a group,” says Joyce. “I especially enjoy the water activities in the pool. Being in the water helps me get a better range of motion, and I can do things in the water that I normally wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.”

Other popular group exercises include yoga, Tai Chi, water aerobics, Zumba, balance classes, and water cycling (a spin class in the water!).

Dick says that he prefers to exercise on his own, taking advantage of the machines and free weights in the wellness center, using the stationary bikes, and swimming in the pool. “I like to do many different kinds of exercises to stay fit because different kinds of exercises work different muscle groups, which helps prevent injury.”

Swimmer website photoEvery new resident at Kendal-Crosslands has the chance to meet one-on-one with the wellness manager to discuss their personal fitness goals and exercise preferences, and then create a track for how they will achieve them. Every year following, residents are offered the opportunity to meet with the director to track progress, assess current fitness goals and create new ones.

Residents and staff at Kendal-Crosslands take a holistic approach to wellness, not only focusing on physical health, but emotional, spiritual, intellectual and other aspects of health.

“We offer a program called Vitalize 360, which is individually tailored for residents to help achieve their goals,” says Suzanne Stevens, the Health and Fitness Program Manager at Kendal-Crosslands. “It’s similar to wellness coaching, but it’s not just for fitness – it’s for life in general. If someone wants to learn a new skill, speak a new language, we can help with that. We’ve helped residents prepare for trips abroad, get in shape for hiking in the Alps, learn to dance, and a lot more.”

Kendal-Crosslands supports resident wellness in countless ways, from offering plenty of daily entertainment options and supporting numerous resident committees, to planning off-campus trips and offering lifelong learning classes.

“These are some of the things you don’t necessarily associate with health. I play bridge every Friday, and while it also serves as entertainment, it’s good for my mind,” says Dick.

For more information about health and wellness at Kendal-Crosslands Communities, give us a call today at 610-388-1441.