HOPE…. Humbled, Optimistic, Prepared, and Energized

Lady Bird Johnson eloquently said, “where flowers bloom, so does hope.” The former first lady’s words resonate with the residents and staff members at Kendal~Crosslands Communities. 

It’s a new day at Kendal~Crosslands Communities. Although masks are a new normal and social distancing continues to be in our vocabulary, the hope of a vaccine to provide additional health and safety for our residents and staff has placed a new outlook on life in the community. What an opportune time of year to grow seeds of hope.

Springtime is a perfect season to renew our spirit and celebrate life. At Kendal~Crosslands Communities this spring, as we watch the blooms on our 500-acre campus burst, we are reminded of our new hope. Enjoy some of our springtime photos on our campus.

This spring, Kendal~Crosslands Communities embarked on a HOPE campaign. We invited residents and staff members to share their HOPE in many ways. Notecards and postcards were available to write a word of hope. Hope-themed magnetic buttons were distributed to over 1,600 residents and staff members. The button is a wonderful way to wear hope – a reminder of a new day. Banners were located in both main centers at Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands. Residents and staff members shared what they are hopeful for this spring.

I used the notecards and postcards and sent a few words of gratitude to the Kendal at Oberlin staff for taking such good care of my mother

– – Bill, Coniston Resident

What a great idea. Hope is a thing with feathers and I’ll wear my pin. Isn’t hope an incredible feeling.

– – Lowell, Crosslands Resident

I love the Lady Bird Johnson wild flowers theme. It is reminiscent of a birth renewal, and beauty. We need that right now

– – Carol, Staff Member

Hope for live theater, travel, friends visiting, peace, and even Red Sox baseball victories… so many hopeful things residents and staff members share

Humble – we are humbled that we received the vaccine when they have not widely available. We are grateful that our staff members worked diligently and blessed that we have high vaccination rates at our community.

Optimistic – – we are optimistic that with everyone, working together as one family, following the guidelines for opening campus activities, guidelines issued by the CDC or the Departments of Health, our Medical Director, and other health officials, we will remain safe.

Prepared – – we are prepared with the knowledge of this virus, following the science every step of the way. We have our masks. We know to stay socially distant, wash our hands, and be vaccinated. We have all the tools. Should the variants continue to be a menace, we can pivot and are prepared to change our operating practices accordingly to continue to be safe.

Energized – – we have new energy, almost a ‘pep in our step.’ Our staff members are thrilled to get back to regular housekeeping, maintenance, and culinary schedules and see more residents daily.  Residents have a renewed energy to ‘see’ one another in the center and not only on a Zoom.

Our residents and staff members have unstoppable strength and tremendous resilience as we persevered as a family this historic year. And our values remain alive and well, as we never let a virus deter us from carrying out our mission.

We will always be guided by integrity, respect, ethics, high quality of wellness, inclusion, and more.“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”  And now, we move forward with hope. The hope of a different day, seeing residents, our families, warmer weather, eventually an everyday life, all with the added safety of a vaccine. As the spring bursts and warmer days surround us, we reflect on the year and everything we achieved.  We are family.  We have hope.