Thanksgiving is here! This special time of year is a time to reflect upon the many blessings in our life. For Kendal-Crosslands residents, this is an opportune time to express their thanks for family, friends, and a retirement lifestyle at Kendal-Crosslands.

Crosslands resident Marianne Griffith is especially thankful for her family that led her to Kendal-Crosslands many years ago. Although she had many personal connections to the community throughout her life, she officially made Crosslands her home in May of 2017.

“I never thought of going anywhere else because my grandparents’ close friends moved here and my mother’s friends came here too. [Founding member] Sally Worth grew up near my grandfather’s farm, and I always respected [her]—those connections were always in my mind, and I knew someday that’s where I’d go,” says Marianne.

The apartment home Marianne selected was a combination of two existing apartments, which she was able to customize exactly to her liking. She worked closely with her move-in coordinator to select paint colors, finishes, closet and shelving customizations and more.

Marianne expressly remembered the warmth of the residents, staff and administration alike, both when she visited her grandparents’ friends years ago and during her retirement shopping visits. This warmth has certainly carried over into her life at Crosslands.

“When people are new, they are paired with a current resident who gives them some social opportunities,” explains Marianne. “My Greeter from the Welcome Committee met me the day I moved in and brought a basket of snacks and things. She invited me to dinner with different people, and took me to a yoga class. I feel very fortunate to have had her to give me some introductions.”

At the time she moved to Crosslands, Marianne continued to work at a small law firm to which she dedicated most of her career.

“My boss moved here a year ago. If he signed the contract, I felt good about it!” jokes Marianne.

She officially retired in November of 2017, and now has the free time to take advantage of all the exciting events and amenities available to her, like yoga, lectures, classes, and other social events she’s enjoyed sparingly so far. Up until now, she has been continuously busy with her work, like many other residents who live at Kendal-Crosslands.

Marianne also expresses her thankfulness for the social opportunities the dinning room provides.

“The food is very tasty, and there’s always a variety of options,” she says. “The salad bar is excellent every day. I usually go to dinner there, and as a single person, I can go to the dining room not knowing anyone, and sit with new people or meet someone I’ve never talked to before. Or, I can go off by myself if I want.”

Even though she has formed many new relationships at Kendal-Crosslands, Marianne continues to keep her past friends and neighbors close. She meets with a group of friends from her previous apartment once a month for drinks and frequently makes dinner dates with them as well.

What Marianne said she’s most thankful for is her grandfather and family that introduced her to the community and made it possible for her to live a comfortable retirement at Kendal-Crosslands.

“I thank him every day,” says Marianne. “I feel gratitude for what he passed onto me. When he passed, he had given the farm to [my brother and I]. We were able to obtain open space land grants from the township. I felt so good about that, and I’m so thankful for them.”

Her advice for people considering making a move to a retirement community is to make a deposit or reservation early on. As the aging population increases, the demand for retirement living will grow and may fill communities

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