Talking to residents at Kendal-Crosslands Communities instantly reveals that this is something different. It’s a different type of community that redefines what a retirement community can and should be.

Unlike many retirement communities that seem more like a country club, Kendal-Crosslands residents are taking advantage of the low-maintenance lifestyle to do amazing things. One resident just completed his first novel. Others are painting, teaching ESL classes, volunteering with local community organizations, or traveling. Several residents are working as consultants and advisors. It’s a community of people who look at retirement as the beginning of a new chapter of their life, one filled with promise and opportunity.

What is a Life Plan Community?

Life Plan communities, often referred to as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), are designed to offer low maintenance, independent living for older adults, along with guaranteed Life Care options. Life Care means that as residents age, they will have access to all levels of care they may need, from personal care, often referred to as assisted living, to skilled nursing care, right on campus. Every level of care is included, which means you never have to worry about what happens if you need assistance, even in the middle of the night.

When you talk to our residents, you’ll find that they’ve all chosen Kendal-Crosslands primarily for the incredible, supportive community of residents who take the active and central role in the life of the community. The Life Care is the next most important feature, because it provides the security of knowing that any future needs will be taken care of, without worry about escalating costs or whether or not quality care will be available when needed.

kendal community resident and her grand daughter

In fact, there are a number of residents who have chosen Kendal-Crosslands Communities because it’s where their parents chose to retire. For others, they’ve chosen a CCRC for their retirement because their parent’s retirement was fraught with difficulties over trying to care for an aging parent, or trying to find care for a parent when they didn’t live close by. These experiences have left them determined to have a different retirement for themselves, and to avoid having the same fraught issues with their own children.


A Life Plan community like Kendal at Longwood or Crosslands offers you a chance to take control of your retirement and spend it with others who know aging is a natural part of living. You’ll also see people in every level of care participating in community events, and everyone is valued for what they bring to the community as a whole with their presence. That’s what aging in community is about- building the strong bonds of friendship and caring that enable residents to lead active lives for as long as possible.

Choose Sooner Rather Than Later

The life of Kendal-Crosslands Communities residents is enriched by every new resident that joins the community, so we encourage potential residents to consider the benefits of moving in earlier rather than later. While many people assume that a Life Care Community is meant for people in their upper 70’s, many of our residents are choosing to move to Kendal~Crosslands in their late 60’s or early 70’s. This gives them years of getting the most out of the community, and truly optimizing their retirement to meet their present and future needs at the same time.

If you are interested in living in a remarkable community, and also ensure that your future care needs are secure, give us a call at (844) -907-1800 or download one of our brochures, and take the next step towards becoming a part of our dynamic community.