Resident Stories

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The residents at Kendal~Crosslands Communities come from all over the Country, and from a wide variety of backgrounds. We hope you’ll read these stories to learn more about our residents and why they chose Kendal~Crosslands for their retirement.

  • Bob Frazier and Fran Riddle

Meet Bob Frazier

Bob Frazier is passionate about stained glass. It all started when he needed to repair leaded glass transom windows in the historical home he shared with his wife, Fran Riddle, in Dover, Delaware. The windows

Sooner The Better

  Kendal-Crosslands Communities will change your mind forever about retirement communities.   When you meet residents of Kendal-Crosslands Communities, the first thing you’re struck by is the way they make anyone feel welcome. While

Meet Peter Junker

Peter's Grandmother and her mirror For Peter Junker, retiring to Kendal Crosslands Communities is a family tradition.  His grandmother was one of the founding residents at Kendal at Longwood, and even convinced a number of

Meet The Savery Family

Sylvia Savery Joe Savery Deb Savery A Family Tradition When Kendal-Crosslands Communities was founded back in 1973, our goal was to help transform the experience of aging for the better. We’re very proud of our

Sitting Down With Gretchen Wright

Gretchen Wright has a long history with Kendal~Crosslands Communities! It Starts With a Family Connection Gretchen’s father and step-mother moved to Kendal at Longwood from Chicago in the late 1980’s. She fell in love with

  • Bonnie & Mike

Bonnie Marcus- Making Holidays Inclusive

Bonnie Marcus and her husband, Mike Bennett, moved to Crosslands in 2011, when Bonnie was still in her 60’s. They lived in nearby Radnor PA, and became interested in Crosslands when one of their neighbors

Meet Randy Lyons

When you meet Randy Lyons, at first he can seem serious and contemplative. Inside that quiet exterior is a true performer.  For many years, Randy had a side business as a professional juggler, doing shows

  • pat

What does “Low Maintenance” mean in practice?

Pat & Jeff When we talk about the benefits of maintenance in our 50+ communities of Coniston and Cartmel, you might wonder what that means. Our benefits go beyond exterior maintenance and include much of the

  • Owen Owens

Finding A Perfect Home

Owen Owens   When Owen Owens and his wife Irene were looking for a place to retire, they considered options as diverse as moving to Florida, or living in a community somewhere along the Main

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