Rooted in Values, Blooming with Possibilities

Kendal~Crosslands Communities Values

Our values guide our community. They shape our behavior, promote social responsibility, foster community, encourage growth, and guide our impact on the world. Our values are who we are, and we rely on them for everything we do, from making decisions to how we relate to one another.

We choose to recognize and honor the inherent worth of all individuals. That common goal unites us and guides our interactions. Every individual deserves our respect and care.

Our Values Gathered in Cornerstones

We believe that what makes Kendal Crosslands special are the values we hold, and we strive to put into daily practice.

Through these shared values, we aspire to be the best version of ourselves and to live in the world as it should be.

Community – Residents, staff, and board members, united by the mutual care, concern, and commitment

Our Values

  • Enhance the quality of life for all

  • Promote participation, collaboration, consensus-building, and transparency

  • Encourage, welcome, and value all people

Stewardship – Our duty to care for all assets placed in our custody

Our Values

  • Employ financial practices that support a strong and secure future

  • Engage in practices that sustain and improve our environment

  • Provide and maintain physical settings that promote vitality, comfort, and dignity

Empowerment – Our commitment to providing all community members the support they need to reach and enjoy their fullest potential

Our Values

  • Offer opportunities for continued learning and growth

  • Provide high-quality wellness programs and healthcare services

  • Foster an unparalleled work experience for staff

Purpose – Striving to live and work toward our Mission and Vision

Our Values

  • Promote a culture of kindness and generosity that recognizes the goodness in all

  • Contribute to the broader community

  • Maintain integrity and high ethical standards in all we do